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Getting to Know: Nertia Mofokeng

Tell us a little about your hometown and where you grew up.

I grew up in a small quiet town of Mpumalanga.

Had music always played an important role in your life?

Music has allowed me to become upgraded.

Have you always known that you were meant to be a performer?

For sure!

When did you join the Choir? How did you hear about the Choir? How did your first audition go?

In 2006, Mazwe told me about the auditions. Oooh dear, I only auditioned once and just like that I was in the Choir.

What has been your favourite memory from trips abroad with the Choir? Have there been any particular countries that stand out?

Having to sing with Bebe Winans on the Sol Kerzner beach, that felt like vacation darling, Mauritius was the place. I really enjoyed that place; oh and London too, for 46664…it was great.

On the flipside, have there been any not-so-good memories when traveling overseas?

A day before our tour to Shanghai my fellow choir friend [Isaac] was shot dead. I had to perform with a broken heart…eish…it was tough.

What do you miss most about home when you are away touring with the Choir?

My beautiful family.

When not performing, what are some of the things you do on tour to keep yourself busy/sane?

Going out, shopping obviously.

What artists past or present have inspired you?

Lately U2 just rocked my world.

Are there any particular artists that you would love the Choir to collaborate with in the future?

If it were to happen in the future, I’d say Seal.

Who are you closest with amongst the Choir members?

Oooh Thuli, Mary, Gugu, Phili, Thabang, George and Siya.

What are your all-time favourite SGC songs to perform in concert? Why?

African Dream: it brought back the enthusiasm of working together as a new democratic South Africa regardless of our skin colour.

Seteng Sediba: it reminds me of my late great grandma’s prayer, she loved that hymn.

If you were not with the Choir, what would you be doing and why?

I suppose I would be a professional dancer simply ’cause my heart feels the beat. Hahaha…!

What was the last movie you watched?

The Hangover. I love laughing with my friends.

If you and your fellow Choir members were competing on “Survivor”, who do you think would win the million dollars? Whom would you form alliances with? Who would not survive past the first few days? How would you do?

It’s me, I would win! I would form an alliance with Besh (Thuli) and Mary wouldn’t survive because she loves her kids dearly and without them she would lose her sanity! I’m a survivor!

What is something people would be surprised to find out about you?

That sometimes I wear a corset (ladies under wear).

What is the number one misconception non-South Africans have about your country?

That we live in jungle.

If you could pick one song to be the “theme song” of your life and how you live it, what would it be and why?

It’s called PROUD. It simply reminds you that what you do today will get you where you want to be tomorrow.

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

To foresee the future so that I would know what to expect tomorrow.

What is the meaning of life?

In life you don’t count days but make the days count.

Lastly, any particular message for fans worldwide?

Fans don’t be afraid to make mistakes because they make you a better person. WITH LUV. Xxx

Thank you Sophie!

All photos courtesy of Nertia Mofokeng (excluding photos on stage).


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