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Soweto Gospel Choir at Fairfield Halls, Croydon

September 18, 2009
By: Graham Moody
Epson Guardian

The Soweto Gospel Choir bring their two-time Grammy-winning music to Fairfield Halls next Wednesday. Here, choir member Sipokazi Luzipo answers Graham Moody’s questions.

Graham Moody: What makes African Christian music so magnetic to audiences across the world?

Sipokazi Luzipo: It must be the experiences we’ve gone through as African people that makes us feel the only place we can run to is God. So when singing, the music comes from the deepest part of our hearts, embraced by the feeling of safety in God and a deep appreciation for his sincere love. GM: What’s the history of gospel music in South Africa?

SL: Church is the place where South Africans ran to in the apartheid era so that is where gospel was created for us. It was the only voice we had as African people and we felt God was our only source of survival. The very appreciation we had then as Africans is the same appreciation we have as a group of performers and we are thankful for the opportunity we have to share our music.

GM: What are your highs points with the choir so far?

SL: It has to be the achievements we’ve made, travelling the world and having thousands of fans. Our Grammy’s, our association with Peter Gabriel, Queen, Nelson Mandela and other icons. Being the first SA group to perform at the Oscars.

GM: What does the future hold for your group?

SL: We’ve just released our new album, Grace, which is fantastic and hopefully another Grammy nomination will come with it. After we finish touring the UK on October 10 there is more world touring, changing and inspiring people’s lives through our music. Our fans means so much to us and we hope they enjoy the journey with us.

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